About Us

Welcome to O’Shanassy Meats and Poultry


O’Shanassy Meats and Poultry has been owned and operated by the Ayers family since August 2009. This shop was purpose built as a butcher shop in the 1960’s, and as far as we are aware it’s the only retail shop in Sunbury still trading as it was originally. Matthew Ayers started his butchering apprenticeship at the age of 15, in Eltham. He remained there for many years, then opened his own shop in 1998, in Kew. Moving to the north-west with his wife, Alison and their three daughters, he spent many years looking for the right spot to open another business. The opportunity to take over the reins of O’Shanassy Meats and Poultry came up in 2009.


Old school butchering is something of a dying trade. At O’Shanassy Meats and Poultry we believe in doing things the right way, from start to finish, even if it means a bit of extra work. This means breaking down all our bodies on site and cutting them to our customers request. What does this mean for you? It means that you, the customer, can control your portion sizes and your budget. And you get to select the exact cut of meat for your requirements. You see, we don’t just sell you what you ask for. We ensure that you’re buying the correct cut of meat for your purposes.

We are also proud sponsors of many local sporting clubs and groups, and we’re happy to chat to all charitable groups to help with fundraising efforts.
Our promise to you is to only source the best quality produce we can find, locally where possible, and offer you impeccable service and advice. From our family to yours, thank you for choosing to shop locally with O’Shanassy Meats and Poultry.